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What is the Chronic Pain and Disease Self Management Program?

Chronic Pain and Disease Self Management Program is a six-week program to help improve the health of anyone living with a long-term health condition, such as:

High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Heart Disease
Chronic Pain

Who should participate?

Anyone living with a long-term health condition—or who is a friend, family member or caregiver of someone with a chronic condition is welcome. Feel free to register together.

How will this program help me ?

By participating in Chronic Pain and Disease Self Management Program, you will learn better ways to cope with and manage you health:

 Setting achievable goals.
 Working with others.
 Finding support and answers to questions.
 Making daily tasks easier.
 Relaxing and managing stress.
 Working in partnership with your health care professional.

After this program, you will be more prepared to:

Relax and enjoy life.
Eat and exercise for better health.
Deal with pain and tiredness.
Talk with family, friends and healthcare professionals.
Manage medications.
Make informed decisions about your health.

Participant Comments on local workshops in Humboldt County

Becoming Self-Aware
“I recommend this program to anyone who wants positive change in their life and wants to gain understanding about their pain and place in life. Thank you from my ‘whole heart.’” – C.D. L.

“I recently found out I have high blood pressure. With this workshop, I learned a great deal about myself and how to deal with chronic illness. I became more aware of myself, both mentally and physically. I’ve learned how to deal better with suppressed emotions and anger.” – Jeff V.

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