The Humboldt IPA is proud to offer a community based Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  Other EAP’s being marketed in Humboldt County are based out of the area and often use long distance phone counseling and other out-of-area providers.  We are:

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#1 – Improved Productivity and Reduced Costs

Employee Assistance Programs are designed to improve the well being and productivity of your employees.  When an employee is dealing with unresolved grief, relationship discord, or substance abuse the result is often a drop in productivity at work and increased absence, which costs the company money.  EAP’s provide mental health counseling and a variety of resources designed to problem solve and reduce the impact that social, psychological, or physical problems can have on a employee’s home and work life.

#2 – Reduced Turnover and Improved Morale

Prematurely terminating a previously dependable and productive employee should be a last resort.  It is expensive in both time and money to hire and train new employees.  A wise employer protects their investment by offering intervention and support before a problem causes serious difficulty at work.

#3 – Third Party Assistance

Being able to safely turn to someone outside the workplace can make the difference between success and failure.  EAP workers and providers are committed to confidentiality and to partnering with our members to find solutions to their problems.


Summary of Benefits

Mental Health/Alcohol and Drug Counseling
Up to three (3) 50-minute sessions every six (6) months with a local contracted EAP mental health provider.  Employees may use their benefit for individual, couples, or family counseling. Services are available in person and remote.

Legal Advice or Document Assistance
Legal document assistance or one (1) hour consultation with an attorney every (6) months.  This service is limited to local attorneys who provide advice on both civil and criminal issues including divorce and separation, child custody, wills, trusts, power of attorney, traffic violations, tenant and property owner disputes, contract law and bankruptcy.

Consumer Credit Counseling
Credit Counseling Services include a free credit report and some financial counseling. EAP will reimburse the eligible individual any costs associated with an initial consult for debt consolidation, not to exceed $50. This is a one-time allowance. Additional services are available to the individual at their expense.

Shared Decision Making
One (1) free coaching session and Decision Aid per condition at The Priority Care Center in Eureka or over the phone.

Referrals to other Community Resources
Such as child care services, elder care services, caregiver support, domestic violence services, substance abuse programs like AA and NA, life skills and chronic illness workshops, consumer credit counseling, and various support groups.

For Assistance Call
707.443.1303 or 800.235.3031
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