The Humboldt IPA offers many ways for providers to become involved with local quality care initiatives and is proud to work with health care providers to improve the quality of service delivered to patients. Please contact The Humboldt IPA for more information.

Quick Links to important information:

Claims – information about submitting claims to The Humboldt IPA.

Authorizations – Download authorization forms and documents.

Care Management Programs – Download forms from our Life Skills Program for Behavioral Health, Physical Therapy, and Nutrition Counseling.

Referrals – information about Referral process, Referral form, and Specialty Guidelines.

Membership and Credentialing – Download application packets for Humboldt IPA membership and credentialing.

Forms – Download forms for providers.

Health Plan Summary of Benefits

Language Assistance Program – The Humboldt IPA offers Language Assistance services, including referrals to interpreters and translation of documents.

Sign Up for Email Alerts & Info – Sign up to receive alerts and other information by email.

Provider Search – Find a provider contracted with our health plans.

Provider Survey Results – Results from our Provider Office Satisfaction Survey.

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