All Humboldt IPA health plan members are eligible for enrollment into Care Management as part of their benefit plan. The Humboldt IPA’s care management services help members navigate the health system and develop life skills for healthy living.The role of the care manager is to assist members with complex or multiple conditions obtain access to care and services, coordinate their care, and actively work with members to improve their health status. The goals of care management include:
  • Intensive Care Coordination and care planning to ensure members receive the right care at right time
  • Advocate, educate and support member’s autonomy and personal wellness goals
  • Enhance quality of life with referrals to Intensive Care Coordination, Wellness Coaching, Shared Decision Making  and Behavioral Health
  • Improve member satisfaction with their healthcare
  • Promote adherence with Primary Care Provider’s care plan
  • Coordination of Services aimed at facilitating cross-system communication and continuity and quality of care

Life Skills Program:

Care management services to qualifying clients seeking to lose weight, and required care management for those requesting bariatric surgery. A multidisciplinary team approach is used for care management. It includes referrals to Registered Dietitians, Physical Therapists, and Behavioral Health Providers. These services are planned according to individual client needs and coordinated by the R.N. Care Manager. For more information contact us at 707.443.4563.

Priority Care

The intent of Priority Care is to customize and coordinate enrolled patients’ health care to their specific needs, ensuring that they get the right care, in the right form, from the right health care professional at the right time.
Click here to access the Priority Care Referral Form. For more information about Priority Care click here.