As a result of the high energy, emotionally charged and well-attended (65 persons representing 27 medical practices and organizations) November 20, 2014 Primary Care Renewal Collaborative meeting the IPA has decided to help facilitate the effort to address referral issues that surfaced during that meeting.  Beginning in January 2015, in addition to providing this resource page, the IPA will:

  • Provide practice coaches to be available for practices involved in making changes
  • Provide regular updates on our medical community’s referral reform efforts
  • Work to bring together those who signed up to work on referral reform in Humboldt
  • Assist practices that wish to pair up with a primary or specialty care office to work on referral reform
  • Explore the possibility of a centralized referral system with the community
Referral Pilot

The participating practices in the pilot were:

  • Eureka Family Practice
  • Eureka Pediatrics
  • HMS Primary Care
  • HMS Cardiology
  • HMS Plastic Surgery
Pilot Results

Specialty practices realized a times savings with the new referral process and primary care offices that were tracking their referrals also realized a times savings. Primary care offices without a tracking system now have or are putting a routine efficient system in place. Both specialty and primary care offices in the pilot stated they are anxiously awaiting the spread of this new referral process to the rest of the county so they can uniformly use it in their offices, instead of their current systems for referrals.

Referral Resources

Please contact Rosemary Den Ouden at Rosemary Den Ouden or 707.443.4563 ext. 39 if you have any questions or would like to become involved in this effort to improve the referral systems in our community.

Humboldt Health Care Community Referral Survey

Survey Results

Summary of Referral discussion during the Nov 20 meeting

For more information about the Primary Renewal Collaborative