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A contracted provider may provide services or practice a specialty that are not covered by certain health plans. Please refer to the individual

benefit provisions and limitations of each health plan to determine possible coverage.

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An extensive network of hospitals, providers, suppliers and other health care entities is available.

Quality Care Reports

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Some types of care get better results than others, and you can’t take quality care for granted. The Quality Care Reports

provide information on our local hospitals and health care provider offices, and how they did at giving care for certain medical conditions during a

particular year.

How can you use these reports?

Participating providers have agreed by contract to reduced rates for the insurance company and the patient. This directory is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a recommendation of any physician or health care provider. The choice of provider, whether on the list or not, is your own. However, your health plan coverage may be affected if you select an out of network provider.

Regarding Telemedicine: The telemedicine listings in our directory are for those practitioners who practice solely in a telemedicine setting. There are many providers who may offer telemedicine options in addition to in-office visits. Please contact the provider’s office directly to find out if they can provide telemedicine services.
This listing is subject to change. While every effort is made to provide current and accurate information, The

Humboldt IPA is not responsible for any errors or outdated information. To report any errors please contact us.