The Humboldt IPA is a delegated physician group including non-physician providers for two HMO health plans as well as a third-party administrator for local employer PPO health plans. By joining the Humboldt IPA network and becoming a participating provider you will be able to provide care to members of the following current plans:

  • Anthem HMO
  • Blue Shield HMO
  • Blue Lake Rancheria Health Plan – PPO
  • Humboldt IPA Employee Assistance Program – EAP

There are two options when applying to become a member of the Humboldt IPA provider panel:

  • Purchase stock and become a voting member of the organization
  • Contract with the Humboldt IPA through a provider services agreement only

Administrative and reimbursement terms are the same for all provider panel members by license. Details about the stock offering are included in the application package.

If you have any questions about network participation or stock ownership, please contact us. We look forward to you joining the network and becoming a participating provider with the Humboldt IPA.

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Rosemary Den Ouden, COO

707.443.4563 ext. 39

Brigid Cherry, Credentialing Manager

707.443.4563 ext. 34